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The price of renewable energy product is not the way to distinguish the different makes or types of products. If money was not the deciding factor, would you purchase the best or settle for a second rate renewable energy products? If you want the best don’t let money choose for you, allow Solartech West Coast to share financing solutions that will enable you to make the right purchase.

If you are looking for the cheapest solar energy product out there, we might not be a good fit for you. We offer much more than just a cheap price……

Our products are backed with reputable service to solve your energy needs.

Your House Bond

The most cost effective way of raising finances will be through your current bondholder of your home. If you have had your current bond for a few years, most likely the balance owing is less than the original registered bond amount.

Simply by phoning your bond holder and making an application, your bond holder should advance you the funds to purchase renewable energy products. The value of your home will be increased.

FAQ’ s :

What are your contact details for enquires or new applications?

Tel: 0861 000 808
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who do you Finance?

GreenFin provide loans to private individuals only. GreenFin does not provide finance to companies but do offer finance to the directors of a company in their own capacity, should the company wish to install Green Products.

What is the minimum and maximum period of the loan?

12 months to 60 months

What is the minimum and maximum amount of loans?

R10,000 to R250,000 per individual

What is the Interest rate on the loans?

GreenFin offers competitive rate according to the client’s credit and affordability profile.

Why do clients have to take out Credit Life Insurance?

GreenFin has negotiated a low insurance rate with Regent life and passing on this saving to the consumer. We cover the client’s outstanding loan balance repayments against death, disability and a period of loss of employment.

Can I use my own Insurance?

Yes, however clients need to submit a cession letter from their existing insurance to GreenFin that covers 100% of the GreenFin Loan Balance. Such a process takes long and will hold up the final loan approval. To avoid this we have formulated the best insurance on offer as part of the package.

Why use GreenFin and not my own bank?

GreenFin has developed a product just for renewable energy where clients can finance a range of sustainable energy products without the hassle of going to their bank. We offer no queues at bank, easy online application process, competitive interest rate and a close working partnership with approved suppliers. GreenFin also offer a FIXED interest rate at the same low interest rate that most banks offer only as variable.

Who is GreenFin?

GreenFin is a privately funded company. GreenFin understand niche market products and cater for Green Energy Finance Solutions at the same rate or better rate than most banks can offer. GreenFin is not funded by the Government, DTI or any other sponsored program.

What can I finance through GreenFin

Any renewable energy product, even Solar Cars when they do arrive in SA bought from any approved and registered supplier, See the
Approved supplier list on the website. Ask us about new products

Can I settle my loan earlier, what the cost?

YES – upon requesting an early settlement quote, and there are no early settlement penalty fees.

Can I pay in advance or capitalise my payments?

YES  - payments will reflect as advance payments and shorten your repayment period and total interest amount.

Do you finance impaired credit records or people under Debt Review?

NO - this is not advisable as this is an illegal and dangerous practice.

Can anyone offer GreenFin Finance to clients?

NO - GreenFin has certain strict minimum criteria and registration specifics that our partners need to meet. We are proud of our product and only work with partners that are also proud of their product and name. We also have minimum guarantees and maintenance criteria and would remove any partners from our list should there be proof of poor workmanship and/or failed guarantees or warranties.