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What is a water profile?

Every home has a water profile but we all don’t have the same water profile. The below graph is an indication of what an average home with a swimming pool water profile could look like. A water profile is how a household consumes water. By knowing your water profile it will empower you to know where a possible savings of water can be made.

By installing a Greywater solution there is the potential to save 30% of re-used water for the flushing of toilets and irrigation.


The Benefits of the Ecogator Greywater System

The Ecogator Grey Water System is designed to ensure the recycling of household water. One of the best ways to preserve water is by re-using the grey water from your household.


  1. The Ecogator Grey Water System is simple to use. This underground system is only a collection point for recycled water and not a storage tank. Household waste pipes from your shower, bath and washing machine are extended to a central point, where it passes through a filter into the water tank from where it is pumped to your garden irrigation/ or re-used to flush the toilets.
  2. Included in the Ecogator Grey Water System are a tank, filter and pump. The underground Grey Water System allows for both an external and an internal submersible pump. The system is easy to clean and maintain and is made of durable Polyethylene which is non-corrosive and rust free. Regular pumping will inhibit bacteria growth and the forming of bad odours. The average household could save anything from 200 to 400 litres of grey water per day to re-use in your garden/or to flush the toilets with. The system contributes to preserving and effectively utilising a precious natural resource while saving money in the process.
  3. The advantage of Greywater over rainwater harvesting is even when there is no rain, one will still have your daily greywater to re-use in your garden/or flush toilets.
  4. Kitchen water is not to be used as the greasiness and fatty residue may block the irrigation pump, the pipes and could pose a health risk. Blackwater (sewerage) is never used.
  5. It is designed to use the grey water within twenty-four hours to inhibit bacteria growth and prevent potential odours.


Ecogator Greywater System consists of the following;

  • Tank – the 120-litre tank collects all the water before pumping it into the garden irrigation/or re-use by flushing the toilets. The tank is designed to allow for an internal submersible pump or an external well point pump. Inside the tank, you will find a ball valve which can be switched to an open or closed position. This is very useful when not using the grey water from your system (winter months or with power outages). When opening the valve, the water will bypass the Ecogator Grey Water System. This will ensure that there will be no stagnant water in the tank. The system also has an overflow to the existing sewer pipes in case of a power shortage or when your pump is not operational.


  • Outlet - The system has two possible outlet configurations
  • Float Switch - The tank will collect water up to a level where the float switch will turn the pump on. The tank is equipped with an adjustable moulded fitting inside for attaching the float switch.
  • Pump - This system will pump the water and it will automatically switch off when the tank is empty. The idea behind this system is that the wastewater is re-used within 24 hours each day before bacteria can grow in the water. The system will connect to a manual irrigation manifold. The pump has a running pressure of 3 bar so it is able to run a standard irrigation line.  
  • Filter unit - the filter unit consists of a robust Polyethylene outer cylinder and lid; a very effective specially designed bottle brush as well as a primary canister and grid. The brush and primary canister can easily be removed for weekly cleaning (refer to maintenance).


The water flows freely through the canister with the brush system preventing any hair and solids to pass through to the tank. A grid and sieve on top of the cylinder further assists in the filtering process. Please remove the filter bottle brush when the system is in "by-pass" mode as it will prolong the longevity of the brush.


When using greywater – do's and don'ts:

  • Do not use greywater as drinking water and never contaminate drinking water with grey water
  • Do not use grey water on vegetable gardens or vegetables and fruit that is eaten raw.
  • Do only use water from the bath, shower, hand basins and washing machines.
  • Do not ever use sewerage or water contaminated with sewerage in grey water.
  • Do not use kitchen wastewater as grey water.
  • Do not store greywater longer than 24 hours.
  • Do by-pass the grey water system in winter months and with power outages.
  • Do not let greywater pool or stagnate as it could attract unwanted insects such as mosquitos.
  • Do not discharge grey water into the stormwater drain as it may be harmful to the environment (due to the use of detergents and soaps).
  • DO TRY to switch to eco-friendly household detergents and soaps.


Ecogator Greywater System - Installation Cost Factor

What is taken into consideration for installation of this product?

There are two options to installing Ecogater Greywater System;

  • If you are DIY kind of person, then buy the system and install it yourself.
  • Or go the hassle-free method and allow us to install everything for you.

What does one need to install?

There are PVC pipes and fittings that are needed for all the connections. All the joints are required to be sealed and watertight.

A hole needs to be dug into the ground for the tank & filter, as well as trenches for the pipes.

Installation can take 2 to 3 days depending on:

  • How many waste pipes points need to be connected?
  • How far from the grey water system the waste pipes are?
  • How soft or hard your ground is to dig the hole and trenches?
  • When there are rocks, cement or clay, the process will take longer.
  • The holes need to be closed up and area needs to be tidied.
  • Is there paving that needs to repave after the installation?
  • Our plumber is experienced with this kind of installations.
  • Need an electrical plug supply for the pump to operate.

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