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Solartech Solar Hot Water Geyser

SWH Drawing

Closed Circuit

  • The system is fitted with a separate inner tank and heat exchanger
  • The inner tank contains the warm water, which is heated by the heat exchanger

Indirect System

  • The drinking water does not flow through the collector
  • Uses a heat exchange fluid [glycol] to heat up the water, rather than the water itself
  • The Glycol is a food grade exchange fluid that has anti-freeze properties which protects the system from harsh weather conditions, like freezing temperatures
  • The exchange fluid also has anti-corrosive properties, therefore extending the product life cycle
  • Unlike a direct system, the collector does not calcify

thermosyphonA Thermosyphon System

  • This system relies on the physics of nature to circulate the heat exchange fluid
  • The liquid is heated in the collectors, expands becomes lighter. The cold heavier liquid falls to the bottom of the collector and pushes the hotter, lighter liquid back into the heat exchanger
  • This natural action without any moving parts or auxiliary electrical input into the system
  • The system has an automatic overheating control which will release some hot water from the system if it reaches 95o C

Tank Features

  • Long life favoured by vitreous enamel lined steel tank
  • Sacrificial magnesium anode [20mm]
  • High density polyethurane 60mm tank insulation maximize heat retention
  • Highest efficiency through full jacket heat exchanger
  • Inner wall thickness 2.5mm
  • The element and thermostate are locally available
  • Conditional 7 year warranty
  • Durable colour bond, with eleven different possible colours

Collectors Features

  • 4mm low iron tempered glass protects the system from potential hail damage
  • Prism glass effect, maximum sunlight absorber
  • Safety glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Efficiency absorbs up to 90% of UV radiation it is exposed to
  • Housed in insulated aluminium sealed casing to protect against physical damage
  • Freeze resistant [with correct glycol mixture]
  • Durable waterways tubes, copper absorbers
  • 10 year conditional warranty

Product Featuresmade in germany

  • Engineered in Germany, highly efficient
  • Superior design, technology, materials and workmanship
  • Patented cold water inlet stratifier minimizes flow turbulence within the tank
  • Achieving 6 C hotter water flow after 15 minutes of receiving cold water in the tank
  • Specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Suitable for any water conditions, namely hard or soft
  • When there is not enough sunlight available, there is an electrical backup element
  • Quality; ISO 9001 controlled production
  • SABS Approved
  • Environment friendly: Solartech geysers are made from nontoxic materials

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