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Heat Pumps

How does a heat pump work?

Swimming pool heat pump bottom

A heat pump works like an air conditioning unit in reverse. It extracts heat from the ambient air surrounding it, enabling it to heat the refrigerant which is then compressed causing it to get even hotter. This is then run through a heat exchanger in which the water is heated. The refrigerant is then allowed to expand again, thus cooling it down and enabling it to again absorb heat from the surrounding air. So only a little electricity is used to run a fan and compressor while the heat is provided by the sun.

Serious saving!

ITS heat pumps boast a 500% efficiency rating which you will gain a return on investment in less than 1 year. You and your family experience hours of fun in the pool instead of the pool.

Why should you heat your pool?pool2

Not only did you pay a lot of money to build your pool but it is also costing you a lot of money per month to rnaintain. The average pool owner in South Africa only uses his pool for 3 months of the year because the water is simply too cold the rest of the time. By using an ITS heat purnp can enjoy your pool all year round thus getting the most frorn your swimming pool investrnent. You and your family will experience hours of fun in the pool instead of around the pool.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

ITS pool heating heat pumps are designed to make you get the most enjoyment frorn your pool. With pool temperatures grogrammable up to 400C you can swim all round. No longer do you need to have your roof covered with solar panels or spend thousands of Rand on electricity. ITS heat pumps are compact, quiet and very simple to install. They will provide you with many years Of trouble free pool heating.

ITS pool heat pumps use the latest in heat pump control technology in extremely low operational costs. For every R1.00 worth of electricity this unit can give you more than R5.00 worth of output heat.

ITS Heat glimps boast a 500% efficiency rating which means will have a return on investment in less than 1 year.

Key features

  • Heat water to your preferred temperature all year round » ITS heat pumps heat your pool in all weather conditicns providing you with hot pool/Jacuzzi water throughout the year.
  • Latest technology easy to control LCD display controller » Each heat pump comes with a digital system controller which intelligently controls the pump to ensure the highest possble efficiency.
  • Titanium heat excharw » Super corrosion resistance with 50mrn standard connections for easy installation.
  • Environmentally friendly » ITS heat pumps use the natural energy the ambient air and therefore seriously reduce the green house gas emissions associated with use of electricity.
  • Safe and reliable » ITS heat pumps have been designed by a team of highly qualified engineers and boast many safety features ensuring reliable operation for many years.
  • Funy automated freeze » ITS heat pumps can operate in sub-zero temperatures and can defrost themselves automatically.
  • Beautiful finish and superior corrosion resistance » ITS uses high purity metals and quality finishes in the manufacturing of our heat pumps to ensure the product rernains in good condition even after many years and offer superior corrosion resistance.
  • Silent, compact and great value for money » After you have installed an ITS Heat pump, you will barely notice that it is as they are extremely quiet whilst in operation.
  • 5 Year warrantee » ITS heat mnnps have a limited extended 5 year warranty and a full 1 year warranty. The system life expectancy is more than 10 years.


* Test results pertain to predetermined environmental input conditions. Details may change depending on variations to these conditions.

** Noise levels are based on values obtained from individual component testing conducted under controlled conditions. NOTE! Should an Industial machine be utilised in a Residential application, it may be necessary to add sound attenuation to comply with Local Authority Regulations. This must be clarified prior to the design and installation.

ITS continues to pursue a policy of constant improvement; specifications are subject to change without notice. E&OE applies.

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