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Most of us don't really know how much electricity our home consumes.

To start saving we need to find out what uses energy and how much.

Then we can clearly plan for how best to reduce this usage so that we can start saving correctly. Take the first step and ask us for an Energy Audit - this is just a term for finding out how much energy you use.

  • An Energy Audit is the first step towards designing and implementing alternative energy solutions effectively and efficiently.
  • We monitor the amount of energy you currently use over a period of time, through the use of an energy logger computer program.
  • This sophisticated software quantifies the exact usage of your current energy.
  • In this way Solartech West Coast creates an "energy profile" for you.
  • This enables us to take a closer look at what your energy usage patterns are.
  • Understanding the cost implications of the various appliances which consume energy in your home/premises.
  • Identifying cost allocation is crucial in successfully lowering current energy usage and saving you money.
  • Enabling you to make an informed decision on efficiency and alternative energy products based on cost and benefit.
  • The planed integration of the latest hi-tech efficiency products is discussed.
  • Design a Solar System that suits your energy needs and/or purchase a Solartech Hot water geyser.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure.

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